Corroded Pipelines Near Stanford University

PG&ERecent testing found a small pipeline problem near Stanford University. To be more specific, the pipeline is located near Hanover Street on Page Mill Road. Corrosion was the reported cause of the problem. The pipeline experienced a deterioration of the protective coating on the pipe which lead to a hole developing. The Pacific and Gas Company reported that workers were able to apply a protective sleeve around the affected area. They also reapplied a new protective coating over it as well.

Another section of the pipeline was also assessed. This section was very close in proximity to the previous repair described. In order to fix this section, workers needed to cut out the section of pipe and weld in a new piece. The cause for this damaged pipeline was reported as unknown.

Both sections of pipelines were finally tested by operating under pressures that were 1.5 times the maximum pressure limit. Both sections of the pipeline ran into problems during these last final tests. However, further repairs were made and both pipe sections eventually passed the required tests.

An associate of the Stanford office of Land, Buildings Real Estate stressed the importance of these testings. He also stated the importance of gas pipeline system safety.

PG&E was unable to uncover records of previous tests done on the pipelines. These initial tests were then ordered by the California Public Utilities Commission due to the lack of testing proof. Under code, PG&E is required to test all sections of undocumented pipeline. Until the tests are processed, the pipes are required to operate at reduced pressures. More testing is required by PG&E and will continue throughout the winter season.