Dallas Street Flooded From Broken Waterpipe

PipelineIf you visited Berkley Avenue in Dallas yesterday morning at 7:30 am, you would have been welcomed with the stream of water rushing through the streets. This is because a large 24 inch water pipe busted in the general neighborhood. From review, experts say that the damage could very possibly be due to corrosion or electrolysis.

Dallas is particularly careful with their pipelines due to the desert terrain and weather. An estimated $100 million is spent annually on pipe replacement. It’s no wonder with pipelines canvasing 5,000 miles of the cities underground to keep modern life to par. Yet the elements of corrosion are inevitable as they affect the city once or twice in a year with a large pipe breakage. This is true for even the most reliable pipes that are recently replaced with the harsh environment.

The estimated time to replace the pipe is 20 hours. It’s advised for anyone that is traveling to take the alternative route through sister street of Commerce, especially if you are heading Southbound.