Company Profile

BORIN Manufacturing was established in 1976 and has grown from one small office in Marina Del Rey, California to a company with manufacturing facilities worldwide and stocked distributors in 93 countries.
BORIN Manufacturing’s ever expanding product base consists of product lines all related to each other and designed for the corrosion industry. It started with a complete line of reference electrodes. This ranged from buried cells to deep sea electrodes to nuclear submarine applications and to the latest technology that the Stelth 7 IR free probe provides. From this beginning it was logical to introduce to the corrosion industry computer technology, in a variety of forms, to facilitate the gathering and presentation of corrosion data.
BORIN Manufacturing has an array of engineering talent that consists of PHD’s in chemistry and metallurgy, staff with master degrees in electronics and computer science and manufacturing engineers with massive amounts of experience in quality assurance and manufacturing protocols.
BORIN Manufacturing has engaged in a very aggressive R&D program by not only developing original products such as the Stelth®, Comanche® and Dart® product groups. BORIN also works with other manufactures, universities and research institutes such as the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) to bring to the market cutting edge and innovative product concepts.
BORIN Manufacturing prides itself in customer service. This means the customer is always right, not only regarding any warranty issues, but how we meet your delivery requirements, provide you with the necessary documents and literature to do your job and finally by making our staff available to you not just over the telephone but live and in person at your facilities.
Post Script:
When you call our offices you will not get an answering machine asking a bunch of questions and instructing you to punch a series of numbers, you will get a real person who will direct you to another real person that will answer your questions and if desired will talk about the weather. We are always LIVE and on stream.