Cathodic Protection

Cathodic protection design is essential in the planning stage of building your metallic infrastructure. A sound cathodic protection system will prolong the life of your valued assets by protecting it from deterioration caused by corrosion. When using impressed current cathodic protection, a cathodic protection rectifier is your best tool in achieving full protection. At, we offer the best cathodic protection services and tools in guarding your assets from damage and deterioration, ensuring a full return of investment.

An impressed cathodic protection system using current is applied with the use of an external current (DC) with long lasting anodes. The usual source of current for impressed cathodic protection is a power (AC) converted into a cathodic protection rectifier.

Impressed current cathodic protection needs current anodes that are designed for long life using current with high output. carries anodes with very low consumption of corrosion rates. Typical life span of an impressed current anode is more than twenty years. Materials that have been proven suitable for anodes are high silicon cast iron, mixed metal oxide, treated graphite and magnetite and platinum. The anodes are usually installed in the electrolyte in grouped configurations. They are called groundbeds and they are installed underground horizontally or vertically. A positive cable connects the groundbeds to the power source while a negative cable connects the structure to the power source.

Among the advantages of an impressed current cathodic protection are its longer life and limitless current opportunities. This system is usually installed in large structures where protection needed covers a wide area and requires a high level of current.

Disadvantages are the high maintenance costs and the need for an outside power source. Power source usually comes from sources like commercial AC and converted into DC through a rectifier, solar panels or a thermoelectric generator. A higher maintenance and monitoring system is needed by comparison to sacrificial anode systems.

A good cathodic protection design is your security for your valued investments. It must be installed with giving the maximum protection for your metallic infrastructure in mind. carries quality and effective tools needed for a strong cathodic protection system. From anodes to rectifiers, we are your only source of world class cathodic protection tools brands like Stelth, Dart, Comanche and Tomahawk. We guarantee only the best performance and output from our products for maximum protection of your investments.