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DART for Rectifiers

DART for Rectifiers Remote Monitoring Unit

• Miniaturized

• Quick Install

• Surge Proof

• Gold Terminals

• Modular Design

• 100-Year Data Logger

• Military Grade

• 10-Year Warranty

• Measures All Parameters

• Updates Old Rectifiers

• You Will Love the Price


Fits inside (and updates) existing rectifiers


Fade-proof, bullet-resistant ABS plastic outside, electronics inside


GSM: Communication with multiple carriers;
Satellite: Used where GSM doesn’t reach


Our proprietary BORIN Data Center gives you remote access to your DART for Rectifiers (and therefore your rectifier), enabling you to manage your entire system from one browser window.


Makes any rectifier remote controllable

Surge-protected analog inputs, digital inputs and outputs

Remote readings of: 

  • Amperage (current)
  • Voltage
  • 100mV Shift
  • ON & OFF Potentials

Remotely control (using the BORIN Data Center):

  • GPS-synchronized interruption
  • Constant voltage and/or current
  • Rectifier output

100-year data logger included in each DART for Rectifiers.

Unlimited storage capacity is available upon secure transmission to the BORIN Data Center.

Alternate Communication Systems Available

Radio, fiber-optic, microwave, SCADA, MODBUS

DART for Rectifiers:
Catalog Sheet

DART for Rectifiers

Catalog Sheet

  1. System can be expanded to thousands (unlimited) number of channels.
  2. Internal HIGH CAPACITY data-logger.
  3. High-speed TCP/IP interface for GSM/Satellite or any other communication system.
  4. GPS Synchronized interruption or synchronization by internal clock available.
  5. Historical data zoom-in feature for remote troubleshooting is a powerful analysis tool.
  6. Wide range selection of AC and DC power supplies. Battery back-up available.

DART for Rectifiers: Illustrated Catalog Sheet

DART for Rectifiers

Illustrated Catalog Sheet

  1. Updates old rectifiers
  2. Remote tap adjustment
  3. Miniaturized
  4. Modular design.
  5. Military-grade electronics
  6. Gold contacts
  7. Surge-proof
  8. Quick install
  9. 10-year warranty
  10. 100-year data logger
  11. Measures all paramenters