BORIN Stelth

Stelth 8 – Thru-Hull Tanks

Stelth 8

  • Durable and Reliable
  • Made in-house

  • The Stelth 8 thru-hull stationary reference electrode is for fresh water or high-chloride water service.
  • Special porous ceramic plug allows removal and re-entry into liquids without damaging the reference electrode.
  • The unit is reusable and may be reactivated (after use) for periods of up to one year.
  • Technologically advanced “ion trap” prevents contamination of Cu-CuSO4 electrode electrolyte.
  • High impact-resistant plastic electrode case will not deteriorate even in highly corrosive environments.
  • Minimum 20 year service life.
  • Color coded for quick and easy identification.
  • Complete installation instructions included.

Material: Ceramic with moisture retention membrane. Probe housing is 18.8 Stainless Steel. Probe is etched Teflon. Condulet is Carbon Steel.
Stability: 5 millivolts with 0.3 microamps load.
Working Temperature Range:  32°F to +176°F (0°C to 80°C).
Material Temperature Range:  -60°F to +185°F (-51°C to 85°C).

Stelth Model SRE-034-CTY
Copper-Copper Sulfate (Cu-CuSO4)
For storage tank “Thru-Hull” for chloride free applications.

Stelth Model SRE-035-STB
Silver-Silver Chloride (Ag-AgCl)
For storage tank “Thru-Hull” for chloride applications.

Stelth Model SRE-036-ZTR
Zinc-Zinc Sulfate (Zn-ZnSO4)
For storage tank “Thru-Hull” for chloride free applications.