Corrosion Suspected in Florida Gas Transmissions Pipelines

August 2, 2013

After a month following the pipeline explosion in Washington Parish, a required incident report from the pipeline owner Florida Gas Transmission has uncovered the possible cause. The report was submitted to the pipeline to the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) indicated the cause of the explosion as corrosion failure. The community of Enon, [...] Continue Reading…


HCA Pipeline Integrity in Flower Mound, TX

May 18, 2013

Companies take certain steps to maintain the integrity of their pipelines to minimize the risks and consequences of having a pipeline failure that could impact High Consequence Areas (HCAs). HCAs include: High population areas Areas containing drinking water and ecological resources that are unusually sensitive to environmental damage Unusually sensitive areas include populated areas, drinking [...] Continue Reading…


NACE 68th Annual Corrosion 2013 Conference and Expo

April 3, 2013

The NACE 68th Annual Corrosion 2013 Conference and Expo took place last month March 17-21 in the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, FL. NACE publishes standard practice, test method, and material requirements for the corrosion industry. To date, there are to more than 29,000 corrosion professionals. Borin Manufacturing joined over six thousand executives and [...] Continue Reading…

Pipeline problems

Pipeline Risk Assessment

March 11, 2013

Pipeline violations occur more often than we would like. Some blame vague wording when it comes to reporting threats. Some states have passed bills that increase fines in order to reduce careless behavior by pipeline companies. According to a North Dakota NBC affiliate,  the state passed legislation that increased fines from “ten thousand dollars to 200-thousand [...] Continue Reading…

Failed LMRP Connector

Drilling of the Gulf of Mexico Halts

February 7, 2013

Ever since the GOM British Petroleum (BP) oil spill in 2010, companies are taking the necessary precautions in order to avoid a similar disaster. This morning Bloomberg news is reported that the U.S. has halted drilling on some oil and gas wells with “flawed bolts” on the Gulf of Mexico (GOM). A flaw was discovered after [...] Continue Reading…

Water Pipe

The Importance of Cathodic Protection

January 25, 2013

Why is cathodic protection so important? You can ask any oil and gas company that question, and they will say that cathodic protection is imperative to protecting their assets. Cathodic protection is the key to protecting and extending the life of metal equipment such as pipelines. It reduces or eliminates corrosion of assets. Many of [...] Continue Reading…

Pipeline Explosion

Preplanning is Key

August 9, 2012

We are constantly reporting about pipeline ruptures that have caused millions in damages around the globe. Pipeline accidents are preventable. Companies can save themselves money by establishing a plan to prevent corrosion related ruptures by monitoring pipelines. It is estimated by the Pipeline and Gas Journal that almost 120,000 miles of pipelines are currently being [...] Continue Reading…

Enbridge Oil Spill

Enbridge Oil Spill

July 12, 2012

Last week we learned that The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) issued one of its largest fines to date. After further investigation, the NTSB determined that the probable cause of the pipeline rupture was corrosion fatigue cracks. The cracks grew along with the corrosion resulted in substantial defects. As a result, the polyethylene tape coating [...] Continue Reading…

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