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Down to the wire and don’t have the right reference electrode for the job? Do you have crews ready to work but the reference electrodes aren’t ready? BORIN’s quick delivery of our STELTH line reference electrodes is your solution. The fast,...
Free Remote Monitoring System Design for Cathodic Protection
Want to get started with remote monitoring, but not sure where to begin? Simply contact our experienced corrosion engineering team, they can: Help you figure out what your cathodic protection monitoring needs are; Provide you with a FREE remote monitoring...
10 Ways to Simplify Your Job Using BORIN STELTH Reference Electrodes
BORIN’s STELTH solid-state reference electrodes are designed not just to meet your cathodic protection needs, but to make your job simpler. How is this possible? Not only will our STELTH reference electrodes give you the obligatory consistent, reliable cathodic protection...