Cathodic Protection Services

BORIN Manufacturing Inc. was established in February 1976 and has grown to be the largest manufacture of reference electrodes and PC based remote monitoring and control equipment in the world, with manufacturing facilities in Europe, the Middle-East, several in the United States and a network of stocking distributors in 93 countries.

With BORIN Manufacturing you get:

  • ALL TELEPHONE CALLS ARE ANSWERED BY A “PERSON” (no answering machines are used, no series of keys to punch to get who you want). You get to an engineer, customer service, the President or whomever you need IMMEDIATELY! – You get answers, quotations, pricing, delivery, literature, IMMEDIATELY!
  • DELIVERY – SAME DAY to 3 DAYS (large inventories maintained in facilities around the world).
  • All products are designed and manufactured “IN HOUSE” at all production locations throughout the world.
  • Full staff of Chemists, Electronic, Computer Science, Software, Corrosion and Mechanical Engineers with PhD and Master Degree credentials.
  • All products can and will be customized at your request, including wire lengths, special chemical compositions, and extended heavy duty designs.
  • Complete CNC machine shop capability and testing facilities on site.
  • All reference electrodes are tested to “EIGHT” different parameters. All electronics are subjected to extended “Burn-In” testing.
  • All electronics are manufactured with Military Grade Hardware including Gold Plated Connectors. Our RMUs are used in the Arabian deserts with temperatures exceeding 137° F (58° C) as well as Russia, Alaska and Sweden with temperatures going below -60° F (-61° C). Because we never know where the RMUs will end up they must be built to withstand the whole range of weather conditions including high humidity, salt, air, dust, and of course electrical influences.
  • Field tech support world-wide at your request including configuring and commissioning of any products, 30 years for most of our chemical products and 10 years for our electronic products.
  • Extended warranties are standard for all products.