BORIN Manufacturing, Inc. has discovered a new, fourth reference cell chemistry that is poised to dominate the half-cell market, and make industry staples of copper, silver, and zinc obsolete.

BORIN’s new line of Stelth® reference cells uses palladium as the reference element. These half-cells are hydrocarbon-proof (HCP™), making them ideal to use in any environment, from the ocean to the desert, especially in locations rich with hydrocarbons and those with unknown chloride counts.

  • Patent pending in both the United States and internationally
  • Specifically engineered to survive in hydrocarbon environments
  • Locations with difficult situations such as gas stations, tank farms, and refineries will finally have a reference electrode that works for them, no matter what their challenges may be
  • One chemistry that can work everywhere
  • New HCP chemistry will be available in BORIN’s entire Stelth product line