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39 years of no price increases & 1 to 3 day delivery

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Down to the wire and don’t have the right reference electrode for the job?
Do you have crews ready to work but the reference electrodes aren’t ready?

BORIN’s quick delivery of our STELTH line reference electrodes is your solution.

The fast, streamlined manufacturing process for our entire STELTH line of solid-state reference electrodes is 39 years strong. This is why your order – from receipt to final packaging – can be turned around in 1 day in most cases, and in no more than 3 days.

On top of our fast turnaround, we haven’t increased STELTH prices in our 39 years in business – without compromising quality.

How can we create high-quality reference electrodes so quickly at 39-year-old-prices?

Because we’ve had lots of practice.

We manufacture a mass amount of STELTH reference electrodes each day while strictly adhering to our time-tested and streamlined proprietary processes. We can comfortably give you a 10- to 30-year warranty (depending on the model) because every STELTH reference electrode you buy has been tested for:

  • Internal resistance
  • Continuity of wire
  • Continuity of wire insulation
  • IR-Drop
  • Sensitivity
  • Stability

Each STELTH reference electrode is individually calibrated against a calomel reference cell under field conditions so you can be sure of its quality and consistency.

And, because we stand behind our work, we mark each STELTH reference electrode with a unique serial number and ship it to you with an individualized Certification Certificate so that any cell you buy can be traced back to us.

Unlike competitor reference electrodes, your STELTH reference electrodes will never need calibrating (though we’re happy to retest any electrode for free for you if your governing agency requires it).

Don’t just take our word for it…


Quality and consistency go into every STELTH reference electrode.

Most STELTH reference electrodes are available within 1 to 3 days.