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Free Remote Monitoring System Design for Cathodic Protection

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Want to get started with remote monitoring, but not sure where to begin?

Simply contact our experienced corrosion engineering team, they can:

  • Help you figure out what your cathodic protection monitoring needs are;
  • Provide you with a FREE remote monitoring system design that meets all of your expectations;
  • Show you that our systems are robust yet still economical;
  • Build your ideal cathodic protection monitoring system on time and within budget;
  • Install or teach your staff to install our custom-designed remote monitoring system for cathodic protection;
  • Train you and your staff on our proprietary BORIN® Data Center that is the backbone of our system;
  • Guarantee our products to work seamlessly together and be upgradable for years to come.

All it takes is one phone call or email to us to discuss what your remote monitoring needs are. We can also come to you for a more detailed discussion and a presentation of our remote monitoring system’s capabilities.

BORIN® is the only company that can provide you with a complete cathodic protection monitoring system, from a wide-variety of STELTH® reference electrodes, to stand-alone 10-channel DART® remote monitoring units, to our robust COMANCHE® remote monitoring and control systems that can have from 1 to thousands of channels, all monitored and controlled from our proprietary web-based BORIN Data Center.

We guarantee that our products will work seamlessly together. Unlike competitor products that would have to be Frankensteined from various companies and supported individually, if something isn’t working like you expected in your BORIN system, simply call us and we’ll take full responsibility and do what it takes get it to work.

The BORIN Data Center remotely monitors and controls systems that range from single-channel rectifier door alarms to RMUs with thousands of channels at large international airports, all through our proprietary secure internet-based BORIN Data Center.

Discover how simple remote monitoring can be.