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DART for Rectifiers

DART for Rectifiers Remote Monitoring and Control Unit

Smart.  Secure.  Expandable.

  • Small enough to fit seamlessly into your existing rectifiers.
  • Smart enough to securely deliver unprecedented access to and control of your most remote rectifiers.
  • Modular and scalable; the DART for Rectifiers capabilities grow when you do. This growth does not necessitate the obsolescence
    of existing equipment.

Future-proof Predictive Maintenance.

  • The design of the new DART for Rectifiers has been thought out to the smallest detail; everything you need is in place for the easiest – yet most extensive – integration possible.
  • Future-Proof your CP system thanks to the adjustable, upgradable configuration of the DART for Rectifiers – no more worrying about your system becoming  “obsolete”.
  • Securely monitor and control your CP system from any Internet-enabled device – such as your smart phones, tablets, and desktop computers.
  • Refocus your workforce efforts and streamline your spending on pro-active, preventative measures, rather than costly and potentially dangerous – re-active corrosive events.
  • Comprehensive CP System management capability. You will have a complete overview of your system.

Data you can see is data you can act on.

  • The DART for Rectifiers makes consistent and continuous, accurate readings routine. This is  not possible with the sporadic nature of manual readings.
  • Gives you access to capabilities that enable you to remotely oversee and track the status of your entire system of RMUs and reference electrodes.
  • Eliminate expensive and time‑consuming efforts required with in‑person monitoring.
  • The DART for Rectifiers gives you the fastest way to become compliant.

Fits inside (and updates) existing rectifiers.


Fade-proof, bullet-resistant ABS plastic outside, electronics inside.

Communication Options

Communication options:

• GSM: Communication with multiple carriers.
Satellite: Used where GSM doesn’t reach.

Communication options also available:

• Radio
• Fiber-optic
• Microwave
• Hard-Wired


Robust Web-based Controls

• Proprietary BORIN Data Center gives you remote access to your rectifiers.
• Enables you to manage your entire system from one browser window.


Makes any rectifier remote controllable:

• Surge-protected analog inputs.
• Expandable to include multiple rectifiers and multiple reference electrodes.
• Digital inputs and outputs.

Remote readings of:

• Amperage (current)
• Voltage
• 100mV Shift
• ON & OFF Potentials

Remotely control (using the BORIN Data Center):

• GPS-synchronized Interruption
• Constant Voltage
• Rectifier Output
• Constant Current
• Constant Potential


100-year data logger included in each DART for Rectifiers.
Unlimited storage capacity is available upon secure transmission to the BORIN Data Center.

DART for Rectifiers RMCU | Catalog Sheet PDF

DART for Rectifiers

•  Updates old rectifiers
•  Remote tap adjustment
•  Miniaturized
•  Modular design
•  Military-grade electronics
•  Gold contacts
•  Surge-proof
•  Quick install
•  10-year warranty
•  100-year data logger
•  Measures all parameters