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BORIN STELTH ® 5 Solid-State Reference Electrodes for Thru-Hull Marine Applications

  • Palladium
  • Copper
  • Silver
  • Zinc

PALLADIUM: Until now, hydrocarbons proved deadly to all available reference electrode chemistries, including industry staples copper, silver, and zinc.
The applications for the new STELTH HCP are limitless.

Problem zones which have stunted use of traditional chemistries is another place the STELTH HCP will succeed – such as areas that have too many parts per million of chlorides for silver reference electrodes.

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COPPER: For chloride free environments.

SILVER: For environments with chloride.

ZINC: For chloride free environments. 

The unique STELTH 5 thru-hull/marine reference electrode is designed specifically for pleasure yachts, therefore is not available for commercial use.

Just a few reasons BORIN STELTH solid-state reference electrodes are unique:

  • Never need recharging or recalibrating
  • Impregnated with membrane that keeps electrolytes from drying out or getting contaminated
  • Trap hydrogen sulfide or excess chloride ions before they cause damage
  • Let you know when you have dangerous levels of AC to deal with
  • Can thrive in ALL environments, even those chemically detrimental to other reference electrodes
  • Remain accurate for their lifetime
  • Won’t die every winter

BORIN stands behind every STELTH reference electrode you buy:

  • We test EVERY SINGLE reference electrode we make
  • You can track/trace any STELTH
  • Every STELTH is calibrated for the life of the cell
  • Our STELTH reference electrodes will work for years and remain stable after you retire

Marine Thru-hull, for marine vessels


Lexan® electrode case housing; ceramic tip with Moisture Retention Membrane (MRM™)

Service Life

Minimum 10-year service life

Shelf Life

Infinite shelf life, infinite stability

Certified Potential Range
pH Range

4–9 pH

Working Temperature Range

32° F to +176° F (0° C to 80° C)

Material Temperature Range

-60° F to +185° F (-51° C to 85° C)

STELTH 5 Catalog Sheet


STELTH® 5 – Hydrocarbon-Proof (Pd-PdCl2)

Model SRE-044-HCP

For thru-hull marine applications in any chloride environment.

STELTH® 5 – Copper-Copper Sulfate (Cu-CuSO4)

Model SRE-016-CMY

For thru-hull marine applications in low chloride environments (can tolerate chloride plus bromide levels up to 1,000 ppm).

STELTH® 5 – Silver-Silver Chloride (Ag-AgCI)

Model SRE-017-SMB

For thru-hull marine applications in seawater/chloride environments (with chloride plus bromide levels in excess of 1,000 ppm but less than 19,000 ppm).

STELTH® 5 – Zinc-Zinc Sulfate (Zn-ZnSO4)

Model SRE-018-ZMR

For thru-hull marine applications in low chloride environments (can tolerate chloride plus bromide levels up to 1,000 ppm).

BORIN® STELTH® 5 Solid-State Reference Electrode for Thru-Hull Marine Applications
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