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STELTH Solid-State Reference Electrodes

BORIN STELTH reference electrodes are here to make your life easier. Strong words, but we stand behind them, because our STELTH reference electrodes are built to be:
  • Simple to install – Just soak them in water, inert them in a 2′ hole, and cover with soil.
  • Calibrated – Never needs re‑calibrating, though we’ll retest them for you annually – for free – if you need it
  • Traceable – We can track every single electrode for its lifetime with its unique serial number
  • Easy to use – Once it’s installed, simply connect a voltmeter and take your readings!
  • Sensitive – Expanded ceramic sensing area is 36 times larger than competition, ideal in high‑resistance and dry soils
  • Stable – Solid‑state electrolyte and proprietary Moisture Retention Membrane – MRM™ – keeps chemistry from leaching like our competitor’s gel- and liquid‑based reference electrodes
  • Durable – Same ceramic material used to grind steel tools
  • Long-lasting – Bury our STELTH permanent reference electrodes and don’t worry about them for 30 years!*
  *For all STELTH models except for the STELTH 3 & 4 (Portables = 20 years) and STELTH 9 (Deep Sea = 10 years).
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